Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Blind plays blitz chess

Have you ever seen a blind chess player playing a blitz game? See it to believe!

In this video, totally blind Francis Ching plays a blitz game against a young kid (son of knyt4k) during the RP PARA Team's visit in Meralco last July 11.

Francis, RP's paralympics multi-gold medalist, brutally beat me in Meralco in Round 3. (I was 2/3 in that goodwill event). HERE is the previous article I posted about Francis.

All I could say was ohhhhh, ahhhhh, and wowwwww during my match against this visually impaired Pinoy talent. What an experience!!!

The way we played, it's he who saw the board with sharper eyes!!!

Watching Francis play reminds me of the immense power of human potentials. Playing with him was an experience worth telling and retelling over and over again.

Back to the video. The very promising boy beat Francis. It's not that Francis had a hard time playing blitz. It's just that the boy was really that good.

Brother knyt4k, could you tell me the name of your son, please?

Click below to see the video.

Malibay Chess Club: Blind plays blitz chess

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