Tuesday, November 17, 2009


IM Oliver Barbosa scored 15 wins 2 draws in a 17 boards simul chess exhibition against the top players of the Metro Toril Chess Association held last Saturday November 14, 2009 at the Toril Chess Plaza, Toril, Davao City. Only Adrian Llanos who is a varsity player of the University of Mindanao and Roy Alfafara, board 6 gold medallist 2008 Ungab Cup, managed to eked-out a draw against the youthful International Master who had a brief but fruitful campaign in the US chess circuit highlighted by his topping of the 2009 New York International Open, among others.

The Toril challenge was headed by MTCA president and two time University of Mindanao champ Atty. Jong Guevarra Jr. Also in attendance was 1981 Toril Open and 2002 Davao Executive champ Engr. Jun Atmosfera as well as former Toril champions Atty. Leo Carrillo and Dante dela Cruz. 2005 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ( KSA) OFW champ Engr. Oscar Barriga also participated as well as 2009 Shell National active Kiddie 3rd placer Austin Jacob Literatus and former Southwestern University ( SWU) of Cebu varsity player Zaldy Tabanao, among others.

The simul was a huge success according to the event organizer Atty. Jong Guevarra Jr. Players and kibitzers alike gathered around the simul venue to watch IM Barbosa in action. All of them were all praises and in awe as IM Barbosa defeated the stars of Toril chess one after the other.

According to Atty. Guevarra, the Toril team could have provided more stiff opposition if only all of its top players played. What happened was that 5 of our top players were not able to play due to various reasons that's why we were able to field only 17 players instead of 20. Nevertheless the result would still be the same given the chess strenght and capability of IM Barbosa. We are really very thankful to IM OLiver Barbosa for being kind enough to accomodate our request for him to do battle against the Toril team. Hopefully he could come to Toril in the near future to do it a 2nd time, Guevarra said.

The event was sponsored by the Chess Excellence Limited Co. and the Guevarra Law Office in coordination with the Metro Toril Chess Association ( MTCA).

Watch out for the annotated game of CAISSA'S FATHER against IM Barbosa in the said simul in my next post.

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