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( The Metro Toril Chess Club- Davao Team )

The date - April 16, 2011. I woke-up at around 5 a.m which i don't usually do except if i have a hearing in court. However, this day is not an ordinary day as it is the date of our much awaited goodwill internet match with BW-Manila, the 1st ever internet match in the history of Philippine chess. I was excited and anxious thinking of the impending chess battle. I went to my office at 9 a.m which was our team's pre-designated assembly area proudly wearing my team's uniform. At around 9:30 a.m we proceeded to 3G-D Net Cafe located at J. dela Cruz St., Toril, Davao City. The internet cafe had 12 computer units which we booked from 9 a.m up to 1 p.m for the match. I instructed our team members to log-in at and add-friend the handles provided by BW. Afterwards, i instructed them to proceed to Algeria room where the players would meet and to wait for the challenge of the BW players who would play white in the 1st round . The BW team have not yet log-in. My excitement and anxity have yet to subside as 2 of our players have yet to arrived while another discovered that he has yet to reach level 3 at chesscube thus cannot enter the Algeria room. We instructed him to play the additional games required and to resign early in the games to save on time.

( The Barangay Wesley (BW)- Manila Team )

At past 10 a.m I received a call from sugardom, " Sir, icha-challenge na po ni Paulo Bersamina si Austinjacob. Paki-accept ng challenge then umpisa na po ng match". Thereafter the challenge of Paulo Bersamina appeared in the computer screen of AJ Literatus. AJ accepted the challenge officially starting the match. I was still in a predicament whether to play as i was the only one who has direct contact with sugardom and some players have yet to be paired. Fortunately, Allan Dinglasan arrived direct from the Davao International Airport where he had a flight from Ilo-ilo. He volunteered to take care of the matching of the other players as he had direct contact with sugardom and wordfunph. Our 2 players had also arrived thereby completing our team. It turned-out that one of our players Chris Yap who is the Manager of One Network Bank-Toril branch experienced dizziness in the moring after wake-up and had to drop by in a hospital where his blood sample was taken for some examination. I joked him that the blood sample would proved that he was not taking performance enhancing drugs for the match. At last I could now settle and concentrate on my game with epistle. .

( Metro Toril Chess Club- Davao team at 3G-G Net Cafe)

( The BW- Manila team at Robinsons internet cafe, Imus, Cavite )

The honor of scoring the first point of the match went to Doji who beat Nofre Reyes (docryan). It was followed by BW's wordfuph (fischer22) who prevailed over Jimmy Dano(caissa-dan). Afterwards it was the turn of the lower boards of Toril to deliver the much needed points. FM elect Austin Jacob Literatus had an upset win in board 1 over FM Paulo Bersamina while I also won my game against epistle. The 1st round ended with a score of 8-4 in favor of Toril.

(Metrolirot standing to have a better view of the screen in his game against Epistle. On his left is Nofre Reyes pondering his move against Doji )

( BW members in deep thought while the match was on-going)

Round 1 FINAL OFFICIAL Results:
Board Pairings
Round 1 on 2011/04/16 at 1030 hr
Bo. Barangay Wesley Vs Metro Toril-Davao >>> 4:8

1. paubersa : austin jacob : 0-1
2. aguilito : santos26 : 1-0
3. wordfuph (fischer22) : caissa-dan : 1-0
4. Doji : docryan : 1-0
5. Tresmaster : finalfantasy : 0-1
6. rusticbull : moulicule : 0-1
7. kidsgambit : napsparov : 0-1
8. pinoymaster77 Vs chesswonder : 0-1
9. bw-sugardom (deadly) : chesscopas : 1-0
10. epistle : bw-metrolirot : 0-1
11. daricastro : chriswhiz : 0-1
12. sugardom (angelofdeath) : onepeace : 0-1

( Metrolirot with Allan Danglisan who was a big help for the match )

Round 2 FINAL OFFICIAL Results:
Board Pairings
Round 2 on 2011/04/16 at 1145 hr
Bo. Metro Toril-Davao Vs Barangay Wesley Vs >>> 8 : 4

1. austin jacob : paubersa : 0-1
2. santos26 : aguilito : 1/2
3. caissa-dan : wordfuph(fischer22): 1-0
4. docryan : Doji : 1/2
5. finalfantasy : Tresmaster : 1-0
6. moulicule : rusticbull : 1/2
7. napsparov : kidsgambit : 1-0
8. chesswonder : pinoymaster77 : 1-0
9. chesscopas : bw-sugardom (deadly) : 1/2
10. bw-metrolirot : epistle : 1/2
11. chriswhiz : daricastro : 1/2
12. onepeace : sugardom (angelofdeath) : 1-0

The 2nd round was the same story as the lower boards of Toril once again delivered. FM Bersamina extracted revenge in his board 1 battle against AJ Literatus. The rest of the game ended in a draw. Engr. Jun Atmosfera played in the 2nd round for Toril using the bw-metrolirot handle. He had a winning attack against his opponent but his opponent got disconnected. It was agreed that the game be resumed under a lower time control but due to time constraint considering that it was already past 1 p.m the game was temporarily scored a draw pending its resumption. The second round ended with a score of 8-4 in favor of Toril. Over-all, Toril won the match 16-8.

( Toril board 1 player FM elect Austin Jacob LIteratus )

Our team then proceeded to take our lunch in my house. Everybody was in a jovial mood considering the result. We proceeded to my rest house at Eden, Toril for a small celebration and for some blitz games. I went back to my house past 9 p.m tired but very happy at the turn of events. Thus ended my day. Hats- off to BW for making the affair possible and a truly memorable one.

( Kainan time !! )

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