Sunday, March 14, 2010


One year ago,I discussed an idea with my chess friends Nofre Reyes and Atty. Allan Cabitin ( now a Prosecutor ) to create a chess website bearing the name of our group Chess Excellence Ltd. Co., where we can post local tournaments and feature some of our local chess players including their games and ours as well. Nofre contacted another chess friend Edmund Jaugan who is a computer whiz and after a few days he showed to us a sample website. However, there is a site fee to be be paid yearly. There is also no administrator to manage the website and post the news as except for Edmund all of us don't know anything about chess blogging thus the chess website did not materialized.

One thing lead to another until I decided to put-up my own chess blog. First, I googled the question, " How to create a blog ? ". Then I followed the step by step instruction of BLOGGER. From time to time I tinker with my blog and research the internet until I was able to improve its features. Now I know how to put pictures, videos, chess diagrams and PGN replayer in the blog. I know that this blog is still a long way as compared to those established chess blogs but a year ago it seems to be just an impossible dream..

My inspiration:

( CAISSA JANE - 10 years old, to whom this blog is name after ).

( FLORENCE FAITH- 8 years old

My two kids won the bronze in their respective age category in the recent age-group chess competition held last December here in Davao City. They were also first honors in their class last year resulting to their being scholars this year thus making me doubly proud.

[ Meeting a new friend in the person of Koyodenzo ( w/eye glass) who is the web master/creator of the GM Wesley So website. Others in photo are regular contributors Nofre Reyes and Engr. Jun Atmosfera Jr. ].

In its one year of existence, I met new friends and made some of my chess friends happy ( especially those featured in this blog. he.he.). It also somehow fulfilled my high school dream of becoming a journalist ( almost.he.he.)

To all those who one way or another contributed in the growth of this blog, thank you and keep on pushing that pawn! Indeed, Chess, like love and music makes a man happy..

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