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This is a continuation of my Manila Chess journey. To read part III just click

At around 2:00 p.m of January 22, 2012, I rendezvous with spawn 2
and his group at SM Bicutan and together we proceeded to the house
of Allan Dinglasan at BiƱan, Laguna where the 2012 Metrolirot Cup
will be held. The tourney has became a tradition among BW/GETS
members who are based outside Metro Manila or abroad who want to
sponsor a tourney in order to touch based with fellow members based
in Metro Manila. The event is more like a get together complete with
foods and drinks rather than a serious tourney whereby Metro Manila
based players welcome their visiting member. The 1st to be organized
was the Bubuli Cup middle of last year for member bubuli who
vacationed from the US. Next was the NF3em Cup held last November
in honor of then Japan based member Nf3em.

(Participants of the 2012 metrolirot cup, front row from left: spawn2,
jasper, metrolirot,sheriff, and allan dinglasan. second row/at the
back:coach vic, ricky, richee,shadowleaf, kardopov, pulsar and
pinoymaster77. Not in photo was wordfunph who was the photographer.)

A warm welcome greeted me upon arrival in the residence of Allan
Dinglasan. I was surprised to see a huge tarpaulin bearing my
picture and the tourney prominently tied at the gate of Allan's

(Stallwarts of BW/GETS: pinoymaster 77 and wordfunph )

After exchanging pleasantries and picture taking, we decided to
eat merienda before plunging into action. Wordfunph decided for the
drawing of lots to determine the seeding and pairing. Eight players
were entered into the main draw which was a best of 2 games knock-
out sytem at 20 mins/game. I had a tough luck as I was paired vs.
defending champ pulsar right in the 1st round.

( metrolirot vs. pulsar in 1st round action )

In the 1st game, pulsar again essayed the French defense. In the
3rd game of our match, I beat him using a sideline in the Advance
variation. Sensing that he has something in his sleeves, I dare
not to repeat our game and instead used the 3.Nd2 Tarrash variation.
I saw that he was a bit surprise with my opening choice and soon I
was able to exploit his isolated d pawn which is black's perennial
problem in the French Tarrash exchange variation. Soon I was 3 pawns
up and it was just a matter of time before pulsar would resign, so I
thought. Suddenly, pulsar sacrificed his rook and in the ensuing
exchange I realized that he has a perpetual check with his queen. Not
again! This guy is really a tough nut to crack, I was telling myself.

In the 2nd game, I used the Modern Defense in answer to his d4
opening wary that he has something prepared for my King's Indian
Defense. I emerged a pawn up in the opening but my queen was
driven out of play.

( metrolirot vs. pulsar - game 2 position )

In the aboved position, I defended my rook at f7 by playing...Raf8.
Pulsar answered with Rxf7 and after I played...Rxf7, pulsar
immediately played Rc8 check. I said okey and played ...Bxc8. Pulsar
shook his head and resign as obviously he failed to reckon in his
analysis that I had a bishop at h3. I was now on to the semi-finals.
Complete results of the quarters:

spawn2 - Ricky 0.5-1.5
shadowleaf - Sheriff 0-2
Jasper - Vic 0-2
metrolirot - pulsar 1.5-0.5

( Players in action )

I was paired with Ricky in the semi-finals. He was wordfunph's
sparring partner. He was a good practical player but still lacks
opening savvy. In our first game, I played white and made an
interesting knight sac at f7. Ricky was not equal to the task and
defended poorly and soon was forced to gave up his queen to avoid
mate. I just need to draw our last game to enter the finals but
the same was easier said than done. I employed my pet KID against
Ricky's d4 opening and obtained some advantage in the opening.
However, I rush things in the middle game allowing Ricky some
counter play. He maintained the pressure and eventually I

( semi-finals: metrolirot vs. ricky. Wordfunph is keenly watching
the game. )

We choose colors and Ricky played white in our 3rd and deciding
game. Once again I used the KID and emerged a pawn
up in the opening. Ricky was able to regroup his pieces in the
middle game and soon I was put into the defensive. This time
around I did not crack from the pressure and defended tenaciously.
My passed e pawn soon gave him problems enabling me to launch a
mating attack which proved to be successful. I was now into the

To be continued...

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