Saturday, May 23, 2009


( Caissa's Father, a.k.a Metrolirot playing blitz with chess buddies Engr. Jun Atmosfera and Nofre Reyes with new friend Koyodenzo (at the back with eye glass), of the Barangay Wesley So fame.

(Watching the 4th round game of GM Wesley So vs. GM Luldachev via internet using the illustration board of Chess Excellence Ltd. Co. )

Last Saturday May 16, 2009 I have the honor to met and talked with Koyodenzo, the brains behind the creation of the GM Wesley So website. He is an IT expert presently working in UAE. We came to know each other while kibitzing at the Barangay Wesley So (BWS) page at Chessgames. com where I am known as metrolirot. We had a brief chat where I learned that he was from Davao City and a 2003 Com. Sci. graduate from the University of Mindanao which incidentally is also my alma mater. When I learned that he will be having a brief vacation in Davao City, I contacted him and invited him to visit my office.

True to his word, Koyodenzo visited me in my office last Saturday and together with my chess friends Engr. Jun Atmosfera and Nofre Reyes we went to my house and watched in the internet the 4th round game of GM Wesly So against GM Luldachev of Uzbekistan in the Asian Intercontinental Chess Championships held in Subic and aired live at the NCFP website. I also had the opportunity to inquire from him some tips to improve this chess blog.

Ater the game, we proceeded to my favorite chess hang-out where we played blitz and talked about chess and life over grilled tuna belly, kinilaw, fish tinola(SUTOKIL) and ice cold beer although I later found out that Koyodenzo does'nt drink ( such a good boy ! he.he ). Koyodenzo, it turns out, was such a nice and down-to earth person. I was lucky to met him in person that day and the Barangay Wesley So is a lot luckier for having him as member.

Visit to view the website he created with the help of other BWS members in honor of RP's No.1 chess player GM WESLEY BARBASA SO.

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